About us

About us

We have been producing for you
for almost 30 years.

We have been producing for you for almost 30 years. From simple turned parts to complex, rotationally symmetrical precision parts, CNC turned parts, CNC milled parts and also automatic turned parts according to industrial drawings for the most diverse areas in industry.
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Mechanical engineering | Tool and die making | Aviation | Automotive industry
| Medical technology | Control and regulation technology

The high quality of the products, a consistent pursuit of quality and the safeguarding of the quality of the workplace are part of the objective of our company. At the beginning of our services is a comprehensive individual consultation of our customers. With a cost-effective and high quality standard, we search together with our customers for an individual, technically reasonable solution, regardless of the complexity of the respective task. Taking into account the technical parameters and the surface coating, we always strive, in the interest of our customers, to carry out any deviations from the DIN standard as well as special custom-made products, effectively and economically.

Our customers benefit from our exceptional flexibility, the qualification of our employees and our state-of-the-art machinery. Our experience in grinding, turning, milling, drilling, as well as appropriate quality control allow us to meet the expectations placed on us at the right price and on time. We are ready to help you solve your manufacturing and capacity problems and offer you a serious partnership.

Simply send us your inquiry with a drawing by mail, fax or e-mail and let us convince you with our offer.